Famous quote

"A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere."

Joyce A. Myers 



Quote from Oprah Winfrey

"I don’t think you ever stop giving." "I really don’t." "I think it’s an on-going process." "And it’s not just about being able to write a check." "It’s being able to touch somebody’s life."



Time for a swim?

    Great. My parents made go do out and feed the ducks, no teenager in their right mind goes out and feeds the ducks at the pond especially with their little sister. I hate ducks any kind of bird that can move or fly. 
So I’m walking slowly, I see the pond. My sister Charlotte runs to go feed the ducks with her bread. I start feeding them, and I feel alright I mean what was the big deal in the first place, little harmless birds, I mean seriously what can they possibly do to me?


    I throw the bread as it slowly touches the smelly green slimy pond. Ducks eat like it’s the last time they’re ever going on earth! I see little small duck that’s black and white with big webbed feet, all the other ducks are eating, so I run to the top of the park, then run as fast as I can. As I’m running I slip on some wet grass, and end up falling in the pond.


This tops the day! My sister is laughing; it looks like she’s going to have a fit! So I rush out the pond like theirs some Gucci sale on bags. 
I is dripping with that entire smelly pond digesting water, and even better my mum was watching us from outside, and even she couldn’t keep that smiley little grin off her face. I run to the house and imminently take a shower. 
No way am I ever falling for some cute bird and end up in the actual pond! Yes its not my last time feeding them, but never ever go and so some skid moves, cause I tell you now you will end up in the Fricken’ pond!





I woke up and had no idea what the day laid ahead of me. My family had already planned to go ice-skating. So I got ready and before I knew it we where travelling a long distance to get to the ice skating rink.

I was just a learner, I had no idea what I was doing, I am going to look like a stupid fool I thought, the stares were looking at me more, my heart was racing faster OMG, what do I do?

So I was going around holding on the edge of the rink, so I got tired and my dad could see that so he said “just over there” pointing to the seats that were on the other side of the ring. I shrugged and said “OK” I could figure how to open the stupid little gate; it was only small so I put both legs over and before anyone knew, I was over. 

I sat happily watching.

When a screech from the mega phone yelled, “Get off those seats, to the other ones” pointing to the other seats across the ice skating rink.

I got up as any moody teenager would and then the man yelled again “ok people, were going in the opposite direction around the ice skating rink”. So everyone spun around the opposite direction to they were before.

By then I just got over to the gate and he just said that. Oh crap I’m going to have to go all the way around just to get out. If I go the other direction and get out quicker then it won’t be so embarrassing I thought. 

With a quick hasty decision I decided to go the quicker way out. I held on the edge of the ice skating rink, while trying to move one skate in front of the other. The loud mid fifty’s tanned grey hair man on the mega phone shouted, “YOU’RE going the wrong way around.” 

That guy was staring to bloody annoy me. By then I was half way. No way am I going all the way around just to get out the other exit. 

Everyone literally everyone on the ice skating rink started to shout, “You’re going the wrong way.” “I know,” I whispered which I felt like shouting in their face.

I was off the rink, so completely embarrassed. I felt like such an idiot. As soon as I saw my dad I said loudly “I’m never listening to you again!”

I sat down, on the chairs you’re actually aloud to sit on and I was so relieved I was off. “Do you want to go on the ice skating ring again?”

I refused. Sat and watched.

"Dad" I shouted "Do you want to go and have a seat over there?" I pointed to the place where I recently got embarrassed. "Na, I’m alright".

I thought for a while “why do those things always happen to me?” But I knew one thing for sure I’m never sitting there again! But I’m still going to have a go ice- skating.



Hope after all

My stomach felt like it flipped, the phone rang. I knew something was wrong, as my mum’s voice was so quite and broken. What could I do?

My uncle just had a heart attack. The thought of not having my fun loving, hilarious uncle was tearing me to shreds. She put the phone down slowly, which made my head spin full of conclusions. “How is he?’ I asked, “He’s going to be in hospital for a few days, but he’s going to be okay’.

My heart slowed down, and a felt a tingling buzz go down my spine. But thankfully everything was going to be all right, so there was light at the end of the tunnel after all.